Increase in tourism on the Costa del Sol, almost 3 million seats booked for the period

Increase in tourism on the Costa del Sol, almost 3 million seats booked for the period

Increase in tourism on the Costa del Sol thanks, among other things, to the city of origin with the highest number of airline seats available to Malaga, London.

The arrival of summer on the Costa del Sol is noticeable by several factors, not only the rising temperatures give us the warning, but the increase of tourism on the Costa del Sol, both national and foreign, gives an upturn to all the municipalities of the Costa del Sol, more cars on the road, more reservations in restaurants and of course, more flights arriving at Malaga airport.

Tourism on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol Tourism forecasts indicate that the number of seats available on flights to Malaga-Costa del Sol from July to September is close to 2.8 million.The total number of bedplaces is 3,880,181. This figure represents a increase of 18,6% compared to the same period of the previous year and an increase of almost 609,492 seats.

The acting president of the Costa del Sol Tourism Board, Francisco Salado, has expressed his satisfaction with the optimism ahead of the summer season, since the "The forecasts indicate that this year will see a consolidation of the recovery that already started last year in many of the records and the aim is to improve those that have not yet recovered, especially from priority source markets for our destination".

Likewise, the forecasts for the supply of seats to Malaga-Costa del Sol airport by country indicate that, compared to the same period last year, from July to September, it is estimated that the issuing market with the highest number of seats is the United Kingdom, with almost 957,000 airline seats, which represents an increase of 4%, in tourism to the Costa del Sol.

The second most important market in terms of number of airline seats is the national, overcoming the 670,000 bedplaces for the period analysed and an increase of +19.11 QoQ3.

Francisco Salado also highlighted the value of the increases in the supply of airline seats depending on the cities of origin, "from Costa del Sol Tourism we are working continuously and making a strong commitment with different initiatives for increasing connectivity to our destination and this is translating into an increase in the supply of air seats from the most important cities in our main issuing countries".

On the other hand, based on the analysis of flight searches in the main OTAs and travel agencies, the average length of stay on the Costa del Sol is expected to be 8.2 days.

In conclusion, forecasts indicate a significant increase in the supply of airline seats to Málaga-Costa del Sol during the summer months, with an increase of 18.6% compared to the previous year. The most important outbound market is the UK, followed by the domestic market. This trend reflects the consolidation of the tourism recovery and optimism in the sector. In addition, it highlights the efforts of Tourism on the Costa del Sol to increase connectivity from the main cities of origin, which contributes to the growth of tourism in the region. The average length of stay on the Costa del Sol is expected to be 8.2 days, according to flight searches.

Therefore, we can deduce that the following consequences will occur.

  1. Increased demand for rentals: With the increase in tourists, there is a greater demand for accommodation, which drives the rental market for both holiday homes and short-stay flats. This can lead to higher rental prices and higher occupancy of holiday homes and flats.
  2. Boosting the leisure sector: The increase in tourism on the Costa del Sol means a greater flow of visitors, which generates a boost in the leisure and entertainment sector. Theme parks, water activities, shopping centres and other tourist attractions experience an increase in the influx of visitors, which translates into greater economic movement in the region.
  3. Increased activity in restaurants and bars: The increase in tourism on the Costa del Sol also translates into an increase in demand for restaurant services. Restaurants, bars and chiringuitos on the Costa del Sol experience an increased flow of customers, which can lead to a higher occupancy of tables and a higher turnover during the high season.
  4. Employment generation: Increased tourism during the summer months can have a positive impact on employment generation in the region. The increased demand for tourism services requires the hiring of additional staff in hotels, restaurants, shops and other tourism-related businesses.


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