Medhills Fuengirola, 400 new homes on the Costa del Sol.

Medhills Fuengirola, 400 new homes on the Costa del Sol.

Superbly located, Med Hills Fuengirola Resort Residencial is a residential development in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Designed to make life easier for tenants. MedHills has grown around the premise of creating open spaces, spacious rooms with large windows, terraces, garden areas, swimming pool, gym, co-working, children's area... facilities that are necessary nowadays to reconcile our social and working lives.

Med Hills Fuengirola, homes in the heart of the Costa del Sol, is the place to enjoy the best climate in the worldFuengirola, fine sandy beaches and a unique environment in which all the elements come together to create an enviable landscape. Fuengirola has become one of the favourite destinations for the national and international public. Thanks to the important development of its infrastructures, its location and easy access from any point, which undoubtedly favours the arrival to the city and its beautiful beaches and monuments.

Med Hills Fuengirola Resort Residencial offers all you need. Comfort and entertainment without leaving home. Two buildings of 4 and 5 storeys, in which the following are located housing with 2 and 3 bedrooms, duplex penthouses with large terraces and spectacular views, ground floor apartments with private garden and roof terrace.A whole range of housing for all kinds of needs.

In this new development in Fuengirola, the priority has been the construction of a place that will be able to offer the best possible quality of life. meets all the needs demanded in an advanced societywhich prioritises the environment, quality of life and work-life balance as the central axis of the entire project. This makes this Residential Resort a home focused on the environment, a safe bet to promote sustainability and savings. The homes have wooden floors, fully fitted kitchens, storage room and parking space. A second parking space is optional for those who request it.

A modern, sustainable and functional concept

The 'new construction' that we have been talking about adds a very important factor in terms of caring for our planet and the common welfare of our society. When we speak of new construction, we no longer refer only to a project that revolves around "new" architectural, design and construction elements. In today's terms, 'new construction' incorporates a new element that is essential, namely sustainability.. This term includes many new challenges that the sector is committed to take on. These include energy efficiency and energy savings, environmentally friendly quality of materials and innovation.

In this new scenario, the aim is to create a permanent project in the functioning of cities in line with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

The priority of its developers has been to find the perfect balance between tranquillity and privacy. To build these homes on the Costa del Sol, they have sought a space where it is possible to enjoy a natural environment, right on the beach, but without losing the proximity to all the services offered by the city.

As the company explains: "Imagine your future in a residential resort, where you and your comfort are what matters. Invest in an alternative real estate approach, where home design means living in a healthy environment, close to the Mediterranean Sea, where the sun shines 250 days a year and opt for services that meet your needs and offer you a higher quality of life. What was once considered a luxury product can now be your lifestyle, creativity, quality and services will continue to be key and the matrix that will shape the whole project".

New ideas and models for a growing demographic marketIn the last few years, the priorities of individuals have changed.


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