Keys to investing in second homes, or holiday rentals.

Second homes

Keys to investing in second homes. Last year, rental prices rose by around 10%. Spaniards lead Europe in the ownership of second homes: 14.3% of households own at least one, twice as many as in France or Italy. The figure is around 4 million [...].

Increased profitability of investments throughout the Costa el Sol.


The Malaga Provincial Council highlights the economic growth of 18.3%, thus increasing the profitability of investments throughout the Costa del Sol. The Diputación de Málaga has taken stock of the tourist year with the greatest economic impact, historically, on the Costa del Sol. During the last 12 months the tourist activity [...]

Medhills Fuengirola, 400 new homes on the Costa del Sol.

Coast between Marbella and Fuengirola

With a magnificent location, Med Hills Fuengirola Resort Residencial is a residential development in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Designed to make life easier for its tenants. MedHills, has grown around the premise of creating open spaces, spacious rooms with large windows, terraces, garden areas, swimming pool, gym, co-working, children's area... facilities [...]

Guide to buying new build properties in Fuengirola

new construction properties in Fuengirola

When we want to buy a house we have to take into account many factors, so we are going to bring them all together in one place and we are going to give you a small guide on what you should take into account when buying new build properties in Fuengirola.

Tips for buying a flat in Fuengirola

Buy a flat in fuengirola

Perfect to buy or not. After such a long time, it seems to be recovering and right now the sale of flats is increasing, that's why we want to give you some tips about buying a flat in Fuengirola.